Lichen herbaria in The Netherlands

The Dutch lichen herbaria contain about 261,000 specimens from all over the world. Most recent herbaria are owned by the lichenologists themselves, whereas the university herbaria are not being revised anymore after 1980, due to absence of lichenological staff. The Naturalis collection are still very important for their historical information, safety and continuity. Type specimens of some species recently described species from the Netherlands are stored in L. In addition to lichens, many lichenicolous fungi have been collected in recent years are stored in private herbaria.

The table below shows the number of specimens in the Dutch lichen herbaria (all figures x 1,000).

Herbarium NL Foreign Total Main foreign regions Period
A. Aptroot (ABL) 20 (in BM) 40 60 Europe, tropical Asia, Africa and America 1971-
P.P.G. van den Boom 15 25 40 Europe, North & South America 1980-
A.M. Brand 20 40 60 Europe 1969-
C.M. van Herk 30 - 30 - 1985-
NHN (L, U & WAG) 26 40 66 Europe and Asia 1800-1980
L.B. Sparrius 5 5 10 Europe, Southeast Asia, Pacific coast of Mexico 1994-
M. Vervoort 2 2 4 Europe 1997-
Other 2 2 4 Europe and Asia 1960-
Total 120 142 261

The BLWG manages a database with circa 500,000 field records from the Netherlands (maps on The lichen herbarium in Leiden (L) is currently being digitised by the curators, but due to the use of old nomenclature a thorough revision of that database and the related specimen labels will be necessary in future. Recent epiphytic lichen monitoring data (> 1979) is owned by several Dutch provinces (1,000,000 records).

Other herbaria
Smaller herbaria are owned by e.g. B. Oving, P. Eenshuistra (Venlo), R. Ketner-Oostra (Bennekom), PWN/Hubert Kivit (Castricum), B. Torenbeek (Nuenen), D. Wolfskeel (Schagen) and some provinces.

Curators of foreign herbaria with numerous specimens from Dutch origin are e.g. F. Daniëls (Münster), P. Diederich (Luxembourg) and H. Sipman (Berlin).

Former herbaria
The KNBV, RIN, WAG-W and AMS herbaria have been transferred to L. The lichens from herbarium V. Westhoff are stored in ABL. The herbaria of A.K. Masselink (1940-1999) and Leo Spier are now in L.